- An exciting and glamorous party theme: America in the 1920s and 1930s.
- A gourmet dinner dreamed up for you by Audrey Lenoir, who starred on TFI’s “Masterchef”.
- A breathtaking atmosphere with a selection of top-of-the-tree DJ’s.
- Rooms booked at discount rates at the luxury hotels we selected for you. - Partygoers who will expect to receive the best. - Variable packages to suit everybody’s wishes

Right in the heart of Europe’s capital, here’s a top-notch New Year’s Eve party for Belgians and Europeans.

At a stone’s throw from the Grand’ Place, the most famous town square in Brussels, you will find “La Tentation”, the incredible venue we have chosen to welcome you to a superb New Year’s Eve party to bring in 2014.

For a whole night in an idyllic setting we invite you to enjoy a party that you will remember for the rest of your life.

A perfect cocktail party to sweep you into 2014.



A New Year’s Eve party organised for those who appreciate prestige and luxury in the capital city of Europe: that’s what we intend to give you. To this end we have prepared everything with an eye to the tiniest detail, always keeping in mind the high standard we have set ourselves. The gourmet dinner will be devised and cooked by Audrey Lenoir, the highly creative chef who starred in the TV show “Masterchef.

The evening event will take place in the prestigious dining hall of “La Tentation”, located in the heart of Brussels, on the theme America in the 1920s and 1930s. And we have also selected some hotels for you that are both comfortable and exclusive.

Behind the scenes of this New Year Party you will find a highly enthusiastic team which brings together event organisation specialists and marketing professionals.

Every year they come up with inventive new ideas for organising a sumptuous party, with a wealth of unforgettable moments. A party that will attract not only Brussels dwellers but also guests from all over Belgium and other European countries. So you’ve never been to Brussels? No problem – we can offer you a complete package covering the dinner, the party event and hotel accommodation. All this arranged at top rank hotels within closing walking distance of the event.

concept new year

Our New Year’s Eve party packs:
- One place at the New Year’s Eve dinner in the specially decorated party hall
- One party entry ticket (starting at 23.00 hours)
- One special pass to an exclusive VIP service
- One hotel room in one of our partner hotels


Party night


(La Terrasse, FM Brussel, Le Tigre…)

(Anarchic, Chez Régine Paris, Libertine Supersport, Eskimo Recordings…)

This year the New Year theme is inspired by the décor of the Tentation’s own dining hall, so the party will find itself completely at home here. Right now, this theme is top of the trends, already recreating the atmosphere of luxury and amusement : America’s years of the “Golden Twenties” and also of Prohibition.

party 2014

These were boom years for Americans, who amassed wealth due to the automobile and oil industries. Unfortunately, after these glamour days there was a sudden and vertiginous fall in the economy with disastrous consequences. Share speculation was rife, values at the Stock Exchange plummeted and banks and companies closed their doors for ever. From October to December 1929, the numbers of people in the dole queue soared from half a million to 4 million. Who still boasted about the joys of the “American Way of Life”? The fallout was felt throughout the whole country, but it was mostly the working class that absorbed the shock of this depression.

The 1920s and 1930s were years also marked by Prohibition, when both the production and sale of alcohol was banned. However, an underground economy soon sprang up.

In New York, for example, there were tens of thousands of underground bars. Night clubs, those symbols of the “Roaring Twenties” with their parties and the new craze for jazz multiplied rapidly, and so did cellars and secret passages like those of the 21 Club on 52nd Street. The smuggled alcohol (called “moonshine”) sold in nightclubs came from illegal stills that produced alcohol that was often adulterated.

This era, so insecure, was also a source of inspiration. Does that ring a bell? Can’t you see it all around you?

New year 2014

Let’s not forget that this decade 1920-1930 defined the brand of America as a country of music, fashion, glamour, luxury and party-going. That’s why we are inviting you to revisit that era, to party just as they did in the Roaring Twenties, as the best way to celebrate into the New Year.

Come and join us!


La Tentation

For more than 130 years this out-of –the-ordinary building was the home of the fabric shop of the same name “La Tentation”. There they sold bales of the most exquisite fabrics in Brussels. This was a shop with a clientele coming from all over Belgium, coming to seek out fabrics, oriental rugs and furs from Russia. Today the name conjures up a completely different role: hosting the most prestigious evening events in Brussel.

This huge neo-classical “flagship” building dates from 1858 and is built in red brick, large windows, glass, wood and cast iron. It was completely restored about a dozen years ago and today looks really beautiful. This was done to provide a luxury venue for the most glittering events in central Brussels.

So you see, this is a truly exceptional venue located right in the heart of Brussels!

28, Rue de Laekensestraat
1000 Bruxelles / Brussel

réservation soirée 2014

la Tentation